Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit

by Robert D. Wray

This fourth edition reflects how the Christmas-tree business has evolved in the twenty-plus years since the previous revision. Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit offers useful, up-to-date information for anyone who enjoys being and working outdoors and is seeking a profitable hobby or small business venture. The latest techniques and tools for harvesting trees, new methods of transport, the most recent data on herbicides, and advice on how to run a Christmas-tree business today can be found in the 179 pages of practical information. A great resource for any grower!


Get Real! Little Book©
for Real Christmas Tree Owners

by Catherine Howard

8 pages | 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

Small, fun, and affordable coloring books for Christmas tree growers and Christmas tree organizations to give to their customers, school groups, or teachers. These books are great to pass out at state fairs and trade shows. The back page is blank so the farm or Christmas tree organization can use it to print their logo and contact information. Get Real! Little Book topics include seedlings, shearing, and the White House Christmas tree so the grower can discuss these topics, and the children can use their creativity and imagination to draw their very own Christmas trees.

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Get Real! Book of Christmas Tree Cartoons

by Don Fitzgerald

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly! with this unique book of Christmas tree cartoons by artist Don Fitzgerald. Over 60 real tree cartoons created specifically for Christmas Trees Magazine and the real Christmas tree industry. Makes a great new member or teacher’s gift. Place cartoons around your store for your customers to chuckle at. Contact Catherine Howard for quantity discounts.


From Seed to Sale

This industry classic tells growers what they need to know from planting seedlings to selling Christmas Trees. This is a great resource for beginning growers.


I Read Christmas Trees Magazine T-Shirts

Put on one of these t-shirts and enjoy the attention that you receive! Invites comments and questions–a great way to tell others about your farm. Available only in large and extra large sizes, these shirts are made of durable, soft quality cotton in the U.S.A.


Note Pads

These nifty note pads fit in your jeans back pocket. Great for note-taking at your Christmas tree meetings. Quantity discounts are available. Three-week notice is needed for large quantities.


Communication Excellence Workbook

by Catherine Howard

Created by the editor of Christmas Trees Magazine, this practical workbook helps any business owner with advice on improving professional business communication. There are 112 pages with specific information from how to take a professional phone message to how to create persuasive documents like flyers, brochures, ads, and billboards. Giving oral presentations and how to plan for meetings and events are also included. Well written, organized, and easy to read, this workbook was used for many years by an accredited midwestern university.